EBC History

Evergreen Baptist Church History  

Rev. Ruth Johnson stated that God lead him to go to San Francisco to build a church between two mountains. Thus the Evergreen Baptist Church was founded in 1945.

It started with just Sunday school, which was held in his home at 2501 Ingalls in South Basin.  He had approximately 26 people, of which included five to six families, the Pryor’s, the Williams, the Jackson’s, the Waller’s, the Fords and Sis. Green, who served as the first secretary of the church.   

In 1946, Pastor Johnson found a store front building at 6270 3rd street and that was the beginning of the Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, which is the current location, although the seating was facing the mountain.   

Pastor Johnson served the church with a God fearing attitude, which challenged his parishioners to focus on having a Christ like attitude. Many Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, and other Churches have come through Evergreen under the leadership of Pastor Johnson in addition he organized and was the overseer of all auxiliaries.

Pastor Johnson served the Evergreen Baptist church faithfully until his health failed in June of 1991.   

In 1991, the church elected Rev. Christopher Jones.  Rev. Johnson felt well enough to preach his installation message and give him the charge. Rev. Jones served the church until he resigned in March of 1995.  In 1995, Rev. James Greenwood was called as the Pastor. He served the church faithfully for more than 5 years and under his leadership the Ruth Circle was re-organized, the Vacation Bible School, and the Youth Revival was organized, and through God's guidance we purchased the property next door to the church. Due to his mother’s health he resigned and relocated to San Antonio Texas in 2002.  

After the resignation of Pastor Greenwood, Minister Dexter Landers carried on the ministerial duties of the church serving as Interim Pastor. This was a very vital role and we truly appreciate him for his dedication & willingness to serve. In February 2003, we welcomed Rev. Damien Epps into our Church family to be our Pastor and Shepherd.  Pastor Epps presented the church with his resignation in July of 2008. During Pastor Epps 5 year tenure and leadership the church experienced tremendous change and spiritual growth.    

In August of 2008 Reverend Jackey J. Wilson, Sr. was asked to carry on the ministerial duties of the church and serve as Interim Pastor. In October of 2008, the members of the Evergreen Baptist Church voted to accept Rev. Wilson as the Pastor of this congregation, and he readily accepted this assignment. God has truly blessed the Evergreen Baptist Church family and we continue to be dedicated to the work and service of the Lord.   

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future!