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Praise Dance Ministry

Evergreen Baptist Church's Praise Dance ministry is called Higher Praise and Jr. Praise. We, Higher Praise, are a diligently seeking group of young women who have professed the goodness of Christ and saw our calling to minister to others about the Love of God. We thrive to be Christ-like and strive to touch someone through ministering to them. Jr. Praise is a faithful group of young children and teenagers who love the Lord and enjoy expressing how they feel for Jesus through dance.

Higher Praise- Praise Dance Ministry
Why we praise dance:

Lecia- Advisor
    "As a committed Christian and member of Evergreen I feel that it's my responsibility to give back and do my best to make an effort to enhance the kingdom with my time, talent and finances. I was born for His purpose and that purpose is to teach and pass on the Word of God.

Philippians 4:20 Now unto God our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

    "Praise dancing allows me to gain a closer relationship with God by connecting with Him through an expression of movements. I am able to get into a zone where its just me and Him and I don't worry about no one else, I just want to praise Him."

    "It helps me to be able to have a closer relationship with God. Its a way for me to escape from all the problems that I face: so its like a release."



Jr. Praise- Praise Dance Ministry
Nasir Jones
Rikki Norris
Curtis Jones
Na'Diamond Frayer